Marlé Roestroff

Whole Brain Practitioner



Marlé is a proud certified whole-brain practitioner. Not only is she qualified to administer and interpret whole-brain profiles for adults, she also specialises in Junior and Senior children’s whole-brain profiles. Marlé had great success with her programmes at both primary and secondary schools where she profiled junior and senior students. As a follow-on to the whole-brain profiles, Marlé also conducts face-to-face feedback sessions during which she provides one-on-one interactive coaching. During the coaching sessions, coachees are assisted to formulate implementable action plans to achieve learning needs. By doing this, students are assisted to realise their potential, understand themselves better and gain unique understanding of how to learn, based on their thinking preferences. These programmes assist children to focus on their own thinking processing, which improve their interaction with other individuals, parents and fellow students. On completion of the programmes, students are better equipped to find solutions and solve problems, because they know themselves better and are prepared for a more successful and happy future and career.