Dr Ronel Blom

Editor / Research Advisor



Dr Ronel Blom is Director of Consider That, a research consultancy specializing in education and training policy and practice. Prior to this, she was Dean: Research, at The Da Vinci Institute of Technology Management. The portfolio dealt with the establishment of a research focus to showcase, profile and enhance the post-graduate research of The Institute.

Before her time at The Da Vinci Institute, she was a researcher, policy developer, analyser and critic for more than 16 years. As senior researcher at the Wits School of Education’s REAL Centre, she was responsible for four research areas: public and private provision in the post-school sector; quality assurance of the sector; staff development (particularly TVET staff) for the sector; and sector-specific studies, such as the publishing industry.

As the Deputy-Director: Research, at the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA), she developed new policies for the emerging education and training system post the 1994 transition from Apartheid to a new dispensation, while at Umalusi, as senior manager at this national quality assurance body for the primary, secondary and further education and training, she implemented many of the quality assurance policies that she helped develop during her time at SAQA.

She also undertakes research studies on behalf of public and private institutions. A notable study involved the research for, and development of, a draft national policy for Workplace-based Learning (WPBL). This research culminated in two chapters in international handbooks dealing with WPBL and Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET). The latest of her research dealt with an evaluation study in respect of skills programmes; and separately, a study into opportunities for youth without matric.

Both her Masters and PhD studies investigated the meaningful implementation of education and training policies in the South African system.