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Signatures of Change

VNI offers Profiling & Instrumentation for businesses, teams and individuals. Measure your Signature of Change and understand your propensity for adapting to change.

Who Are You?

Discover Your Natural Thinking Preference

Understand how thought shapes work outcomes

Thinking in style

Onboard with VNI and discover your innate thinking style.
Determine your personal change signature.

Profile You

There is a deep seeded blueprint which underpins human-work relationships and processes. Understanding the mental construct of an individual or organisation is the first step in evaluating the efficacy of change facilitation. Thinking Preference Profiling offers a window unto our attitudes to change, and highlights the possibility of adaptation to sustainable change. Work with VNI to remodel work relationships according to your personal change propensity signature.

  • Interpret change signatures
  • Integrated advisory & consultation
  • Systems & process remodeling
  • Turnkey consulting & facilitation

Engage You

Preference Profiling & Instrumentation

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