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Innovation Funneling

VNI facilitates the funneling of innovation and interactive activity of applying creative technique towards solving a particular problem in your organisation, and solutions discovery to problems in organisation as well as team contexts.

Innovation Funneling

VNI produces custom-made games and novelty items through subtle introduction of principles associated with gamification and the process of ideation.

Custom game explorations are made to be context-specific, and apply to specific workshop objectives of an organisation. The purpose of gamification is to facilitate socialisation in workshop contexts. Gamification establishes a mutual ground or point of reference for all participants. The experience promotes a welcome diversion from a predefined and familiar issue which the workshop seeks to address while the workshop outcome, and ultimately "closure", is approached from a new and refreshing perspective.

Elements include:

  • Custom branding
  • Theme developments
  • Original graphic design
  • Application development
  • Characterisation & role creation

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