Research Facilitation

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Research Facilitation

Acquire knowledge about knowledge. Acquire value for values. Think about thinking. Being cognitive about cognition. Research, the mental action of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses!

Research Supervision


We help you to conceptualise your research context and find a creative and suitable topics or titles for your research and help you evaluate them to select the best one. We also assist with making the mind shift required to define and articulate your ontology and the epistemology of your research.

Literature Review

We help you with the formulation of your theoretical or conceptual frameworks required for your initial and comparative literature reviews.

Proposal Design & Formulation

We help you develop a convincing and persuasive proposal that gets approved on first submission.

Research Design

We assist you with the complex decision between qualitative, quantitative, mixed and triangulation research design methods to choose the most appropriate research type for your research study, which we further support with research coaching provided by our experienced and seasoned research supervisors.

Research Administration

Document QA

We assist with editing and proof reading of the research narrative to improve flow and clarity of argument and provide comment to correct concise articulation of research concepts and to ensure best first impression.

We fix typographical errors, punctuation issues, spelling inconsistency, document formatting, and general presentation and layout issues such as document indexing and bundling.

We ensure that all our references and citations are correct and in accordance with your university’s referencing convention.

Presentation Design

We help you with the graphic design of clear and engaging illustrations for your theoretical or conceptual frameworks, assist with image sourcing and editing and developing and narrating video content.


We transcribe any interview recording into an editable text document that is prepared and organised for all your data codification and data analysis needs.

Research Methodology & Design

Data Management

We work with you to develop a vibrant data taxonomy (coding structure) and code your data accordingly, assist you with data collection and data analysis for both qualitative and quantitative studies.

Data management in research is the upkeep and maintenance of the data that is produced during the course of a research study. Data management is an integral part of the research process and helps to ensure that the student’s data is properly organised, described, preserved, and shared. Data management includes data structuring or coding, data collection, data analysis and data archiving.

Qualitative data analysis: We help you with the codified analysis of your data.

Quantitative data analysis: We help you with the statistical analysis of your data.

Sampling Management

We assist you with distinguishing and formulating all the aspects of the sample universe, the sample size and the sample type.

A well-defined and structured sample strategy ensures that the correct assortment of data sources is composed that is descriptive of the population from whom the data is acquired in a response to the research aim, objectives and research questions of the study. Sampling management is, thus, the identification and protection of the participants that are engaged as research respondents during the course of a research study. Research respondents are groups of people, objects, or items that are taken from a larger population and engaged in the research study. The sample should be representative of the population to ensure that the researcher can generalise the findings from the research sample to the population as a whole. Researchers have to manage the sample universe, the sample size and the sample method or type.

Survey Design

We assist you with the design of your survey questionnaire or interview schedule according to your needs, which we host and maintain online for ease of access to your sample group.

Surveys are quantitative research procedures in which researchers administer a questionnaire to a sample or to the entire population of people to describe specific phenomena such as the attitudes, opinions, behaviours, or characteristics of the population. The results of a survey questionnaires reflect quantitative statistics.

On the other hand, interviews are a qualitative research techniques that involve conducting structured, semi-structured or unstructured one-on-one in-depth interviews with a small number of research respondents to explore their perspectives on a particular idea, program, situation or phenomena. The results of an interview is transcribed and analysed based on a codification taxonomy.

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